M&M Gas is active the supply and trading of natural gas especially in Greece, through pipeline gas and Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) with the capacity to export natural gas across.
M&M Gas offers:
  • safe and competitive supply of natural gas to all its clients
  • added value by its portfolio, through the Company’s participation in the international trade of natural gas, and
  • new business opportunities (CNG, small-scale LNG)

On top of its main activity, M&M Gas is also set up to undertake construction, operation, maintenance & management of natural gas facilities, pipelines, networks and other related infrastructures, and to provide consultancy and project management services in the relevant fields.

With extensive experience in the natural gas sector and in-depth knowledge of the relevant legal and financial environment, M&M Gas provides top-quality services that meet the needs of its clients.

By leveraging its established network and associations and continuously expanding them, the M&M Gas is building a solid and strong base of business associates and partners in all areas of specialization, globally.

Ever since its establishment, M&M Gas has signed Framework Agreements with the majority of the companies into the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) sector – National and International Oil Companies (NOCs/IOCs) and Commercial Firms – and has already delivered to the Greek Natural Gas System over thirty LNG cargos, winning a market share that currently stands at around 25%. At the same time, the Company is in the cross-border areas of DESFA.


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